Monday, November 16, 2009


Screw everything else.

I need you now.

Life is so confusing sometimes.

Why does it have to be so scary outside sometimes?

Why does everything feel so unsure?

Why to do? Who to be?

All I want is You.

You know what, it's times like this where I feel homesick.

I feel like I don't really know where I am, or what I'm doing.

I'm tired, lost and confused.

I know I've got to keep moving but which foot do I put forward first?

Why is it always questions?

And so I look to You. I think of home.

And I ask the most important question of all, how is that possible? That home is someplace I've never been, and all I know is the truly the unknown?

I don't understand you, but that's what I love about you. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around who you are.

All I know, all I'm sure of it is that I love you.

And that is enough.

Thank You

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