Monday, November 23, 2009


I can't write.

My head is spinning and nothing I say seems to make sense.

So maybe I'll shut up. Take everything in and just watch the world around me for a while.

Life is good, too good to be true for this earth. And I wonder why, as I watch this all unfold, I'm afraid that something is lurking around the corner because how much longer can this high last?

But you know what? Whatever it is, I don't even care, if I have the God who created the universe, who says that 10 thousand on our right side and somewhere around that number on the left-yet He will still be right there beside us.

He is the one calling the shots. It's not because of us, there is nothing we can accomplish without Him. Even breathing.

Have you ever thought about that? You are always breathing, why? What makes that happen? What keeps your heart beating?

Don't even try to tell me it just happens for no reason.

There's a reason, for love. We are so loved, it's just ridiculous.

Ok lets really think here for a second. Why in the world are we here?

Now I want you to think of someone you really, really love, someone you would do anything for, even to the point of death.

Is not that love a reason? Doesn't it make sense, that you could be here for that other person, to love and protect them?

Think of all the times you really love someone, and I'm of course talking about true selfless (non-soap opera) kind of love, this makes sense right? That love didn't just randomly happen, it's for a purpose and it gives you a reason to love, no?

Well where did that love come from? What is love even? The most powerful thing on earth, it's the energy of life itself, and I can say this knowingly because love transcends even death. It's not something that just stops being, there is no darkness great enough to swallow it, nothing strong enough to harness it. Love simply is.

Love is what gives us life.

And now I want you to think about this-do you deserve love?

Before answering, I have this to ask; have you ever sinned against love?

To even act selfishly at all is to act against love, for love is the very essence of selflessness.

No, we do not deserve love, because we sin against it everyday. But by some miracle, we still are here, for some reason love keeps loving us.

Think of how we defile it everyday, not convinced-take a look outside, watch the news, the world is no pretty place.

It's full of corruption and lies and getting worse all the time.

So why, are we still here?

Perhaps it's this realization that we don't deserve it, that it's the grace of love that keeps us here. Perhaps it's to realize that we are being saved, each and everyday from ourselves.

Perhaps it's to reach out to love and say thank you. And then to fall in love with this thing that keeps us here for that reason, to love us, when we finally open up our eyes and see the truth was there all along, patiently waiting for us to choose it.

Love cannot be forced, it has to be a gift and when it is given back to love it self, that is when you realize there is a reason for life, love is the answer. I may sound crazy for saying that, but it's true. Open your eyes, it's scary at first letting go, but when you do, all I can say is it's worth everything.

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grass said...

Amazing! That is so true. I never thought about sinning against love. That's so interesting. Nice.