Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love love love---IS ALL YOU NEED :D

Today is so beautiful.

The excitement for what to come is just amazing.

If I get tomorrow, I know it's going to be amazing.

Because I will be alive. Because I have a chance to be loved and give that love back.

This is beauty.

God has everything in control, all we have to do is to trust Him and He can make the most amazing things happen.

He can even take out stupid mistakes and turn them into something good, when we get off on the wrong path-no matter how far, He's there to bring us back.

He's there with open arms, just shaking His head saying come on, can't you just trust me? Won't you believe that what I've got planned for you is sooo much better than whatever you're grabbing onto right now?

Well finally I realized I was on the wrong path, I was trying and searching for what was right, but I was off.

So finally, I realize this great humbling fact and just surrender everything-ready to give up everything to Him.

And I tell you when you finally do that, it's breaking you of who you thought you were-but the new creation is so worth it.

It's who He wants us to be-it's just amazing.

Then you're on that path with Him-trusting Him and so excited to have let go of all you held dear, of all you thought you wanted, because you see this incredible love the Father has, and see that His plan is going to be just amazing.

I'm just in awe of His love, that He would actually save me from this-from my self and bring me back to Him with open arms.

It is crazy. That's what love is-just insane and you can't even explain it.

The closest thing that can come to getting it-is just that smile. It's beyond words.


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