Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saying hi

To whomever it may concern,

This is for everyone who has ever asked why?

You wonder why you're here. You wonder if there's a point. You ask if there's something more.

This is for you.

I want you to stop for a second and listen to the sound of your breathing.
Feel your heart beating. Taste the air your taking in. And now think about your thought, how you're able to take in what I'm saying to you and process it in your brain, then think about the internal stream of consensuses going on inside you how as you think of these things you have a battle going on about whether or not these simple everyday occurrences of life could possibly attribute to there being something more to life.

Don't answer that question. Because you are only going to twist and contort your mind into believing something that's not true.

But I'll tell you this, all that non sense about there being many forms of truth to everyone it's a fat load of bs.

There's only one truth or there would be no truth at all.

There's a right, right? Or else there could be no definition of it.

Well here's the definition of right, here's truth.


There is a reason.

A reason you are here.

A reason your heart is kept beating.

A reason you are able to even think about this.

It's because you were created for a purpose, to love.

So stop worrying, stop wondering and just for once in your life-accept it.

You are here on purpose.

Stop looking for the answer and just open your eyes to it-you have to let go and stop blinding your self with your own ideas, your pain, your pride-whatever it is that is keeping you from what is right, from truth.

Just stop, let go, You have to die to truly live, did you know that?

You've got to die to yourself, of yourself and become of the one that made you.

He loves you, He has since before you were born. He knows all your mistakes and everything that has ever hurt you. Please know the truth, it's time you introduced yourself.

Just say hi, that's all.

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