Monday, May 3, 2010

End of semester

Hannah's Take on the end of the semester.

Do you ever wish you had a do-over button for life?

Like, when you could just take something you said, or some decision back?

Well, if you haven't wished for this at some point, then you simply aren't human and why on earth are you reading this?

There's a lot that I would like to have been able to do-over from this semester.

It's quite ridiculous really, I wish I could just go back and start again so much.

But the sad, cruel reality of it is that we can't. It's like once you've taken a bite out of the food, you can't just go put it back on the shelf-gross.

It's the same way with life, decisions stay. So please, learn from mine.

Don't wait to say no because you think you can handle it and it will get better. Don't fake it, if something is not real and where you really want to be, just let it go.

Think about what you really love and pursue that with all your heart, whatever it is. Make sure that your career path is headed towards something that just makes you excited for life. Once you find that, don't let it go. And don't let anyone influence you to do something else.

But here's another thing, we are always going to make bad decisions in life, it's just inevitable. So learn to do something with them, don't repeat them again for one and for two and three-don't dwell on them, move on.

They say shit happens, but that same shit can be the fertilizer in a beautiful garden.

Did you know that a butterfly's cocoon is actually made up of it's waste? Imagine that, being trapped in so much crap, but if you choose to make something good happen from it, well that's what matters and puts you in control of what you will allow your life to be.

Life is yours, live it up. Don't look back.

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