Monday, May 3, 2010

What I've learned

It's just downright scary how fast this semester went by.
It's also scary how much life has changed in the past few months for me.
Looking back, I've made a lot of mistakes, had a bunch of fun, gone on some adventures and but through out the good times and the bad, I think the thing I've done most, is learned.
I've learned so much this semester, I wish you could get a degree in "life" haha
The highlights of what I've learned would be these, they are really quite simple.
First off, when something is not working out, be real enough to just admit you made the wrong choice and let it go. If it's not worth fighting for, sometimes the better thing to do is just end it. Then move on, figure out what is worth your time and energy, that's what life is all about, or it should be at least it should be. Find something that you love, that you're excited about.
Something that you wake up in the morning and can't wait to do. Whether it's a class, a job, an art form relationships with people even. No matter what you believe in, if you live for something that inspires and excites you-it will be a good one.
So find that, find the thing, whatever it is that makes you come alive and gives you purpose and once you find it, don't ever let it go.

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