Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'll tell you why.

I believe in something more, I believe there's a purpose to this world and a beautiful, perfect creator who has given us life.

I believe we have a chance to live life for Him here and then with Him in eterity as well.

I know that this idea seems crazy, and even downright foolish to many. Heck, seeing it written out like that there, it looks a little bit crazy to me.

I mean, come on-believing in God, isn't that just some made-up thing in the "Christian" mind to give ourselves a purpose and meaning?

Well, this is why I believe that it's something more than make believe, this is why I live for that idea.

It's because I believe in miracles. There's just evidence of a creator all around us.

It's like the wind, you might not be able to see it and it's not like christians are given some special sight to see it, it's just I feel it, I can see its effects.

Things aren't always perfect, they aren't so perfect for me, but they are in this sense-that I know where I'm going. I know that this earth isn't it for me. It really doesn't matter what goes down here, it'll be over so, so fast.

Think about it-how fast has life already gone by for you? Someday, you'll be at the end of your days wondering where the time went. You'll be wondering more about what's to come next.

Don't wait that long to think about it, it might be too late.

I'm not worried about you finding the right way, because there is only one way. There's not 5 million truths you have to go through to find the right one-the right one has been waiting for you all along. It's right there, smack in front of your face, even right now as you read this, you're thinking about it.

You're just got to surrender to it, give up your life for it.

But think of what you're gaining.

I tell you, this is amazing. Remember when I mentioned miracles before-yeah. Those are pretty insane.

ANd just knowing that no matter what happens, God has a plan, He has a purpose for me already and nothing can get in His way.

Why, it's just amazing.

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