Saturday, October 30, 2010

Only you


This is my prayer, this is my heart. I'm fighting against my own selfishness and I hate to say that lately it's been winning, but I want it to stop. Lord, you say that you have sent your Holy Spirit, which is even more helpful that if Jesus was here in the physical form-that is quite a promise. And I believe in it, I'm holding onto it with everything I've got.
Break me down if that's what it takes to tear out this selfishness. Give me that faith to take action on these words and more importantly, on your words. Give me ears to listen and a heart that is turned only to you.

I want to want your will in my life. Please help me to really seek it out. And I mean really, truly-I say help me, because I am so weak against my own fleshly wants.

I just want you to take over my thoughts, God you have my mind. Please, everything I do-that it be for You.

Your will, no matter what it is, You are all that matters.

So I ask that my heart would line up with these words and just want what you designed for me.

I want to seek out your will with every bit of life I have in me. I want to search for you and trust you and just let my life be a testimony to you. God, even when others can't see it-let it still bring glory to you.

You say the angels marvel at us, use my life for your glory! I don't want it for my own, but God take it for yours. I'm willing to give up anything, I'm ready to do anything. So take it. Give me the strength, life and love to follow. I have faith in you that you will make it possible for me to do all that you ask, because I already know that I'm nothing without you. God, I couldn't keep myself alive for 2 seconds alone-let alone live my life according to your plan. It's you that makes everything possible.

It's you that gave me freedom. It's you that gives me hope.

Don't let these just be empty words.

God, I just want you now. I hate fighting against my stupid selfishness that drags me down far from you.

I want to see you, I want to know that I don't have to struggle anymore, that I can just be home.
That the fight is over and now I'm truly home. Forever.

I want it so much, God, everything I am is yours. Everything, I give it all to you.

Whatever you want me to do, to be. Just take me, God, use me however you want and then give me the strength to follow.
I know you will though, and so I'll end with saying thank you. Thank you for this life, thank you for giving me hope. Thank you that I have something so beautiful to live for.


Shariyah said...

Hannah, what an incredible prayer...I could feel that it came from the depths of your soul, and it brought tears to my eyes! You are such a shining light- thank you for sharing...keep spreading your faith, and shining your light - you'd be surprised how far it reaches <3 Much love and many blessings to you...

hannah144 said...

Aww thank you so much Shariyah!
That's so encouraging :)