Monday, August 3, 2009

I don't have much time

I don't have much time.

The world spins awful fast these days.

Sometimes, I worry I won't be able to keep up.

I worry that I'll get lost amidst the swirling bits of atmosphere.

Is there a way to slow this all down?

A great big pause button somewhere, why can't i find it?

I'm holding on with all of my might when I realize the key isn't in holding it back

It's in letting go, it's the free falling motion. Energy. Light. Movement.

you can't hold back the wind.

There isn't a dark great enough to keep a light from shinning.

So give in and let go.

Move and be free.

Find peace in the moment.

Love is now.

Yesterday. Gone. Forever but a memory.

Tomorrow is uncertain, undecided, but a hope.

Here is motion, is feeling, is energy.

This is life, but a thought, a perfect expression.

Waves like a spring pouring out of the heart of life.

The heart of life will not be bound by the chains of time

It is remembered by yesterday, loved by now, and hoped for by tomorrow.

I have not time, for I am of life.

And as these chains fall down and life pours forth I realize that death is but a choice.

There is no up nor down.

All is but an allusion, an allusion of choice.

So opt with freedom.

So long time. I just let go.