Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I hate choices.

They're like those big waves you see off in the distance, you watch it coming and try to brace yourself.

But in the end, you know you're going under, fighting it is useless.

You can put it off for as long as you can, but eventually they come.

And when they do, there's no use fighting it, if you don't swim with it, it's just going to drown you.

Why are decisions so hard? It seems even the simple things are aggravating; do I want chocolate or vanilla? Suddenly the universe is upon your shoulders and the wrong choice could land us all in some freaky alternate reality.

Oh the pressure that comes with making a decision that could decide your destiny.

But what is destiny anyways? It's the prize at the end of our race, right? It's who we're supposed to be and what we're supposed to do, right?

Wrong again!

Ok bear with me with this. God has control of our lives, yes? He keeps us alive, put us here, and knows everything that happens and will happen, yes, yes,yes?

That would mean-gasp-He even knows the future?! Why, yes He does.

It's already happened. Yeah those decisions you have to make-He knows them all. Gods got a plan for your life. So stop sweating it. You didn't get here on your own, you don't stay alive on your own, you know what? You can't do anything on your own.

So what gives us the big idea what we humans can control our lives?

Now this isn't to say that God manipulates us like puppets at all. No, no, no we have this brilliant thing called free will.

Well maybe not quite so brilliant, since it's what gives us all the crap in the world. Oh yeah, that's right. It's not Gods fault all the awful stuff happens out there.

He gave us a choice. We can either love and serve Him, doing whats right. Or tear around this planet like a bunch of hooligans setting the dogs on fire.

Because without choice, what is love?

Love is not something that can be forced or bought (unless in the form of chocolate, of course). It has to be given, freely.

This is what our destiny is about. It's in our choices, each day is a new start of our destiny. After all who says you've got tomorrow? Each day you make a choice to love, or you choose yourself, you choose to hang out and try to strangle life out of the air.

Just give it up, let it all go. You can't hold back the wind, anymore than you can wreck your destiny by choosing vanilla over chocolate.

Give God the best you're got and He'll do the rest.

The key is to remember that we aren't robots, He wont just program us in to be perfect little heavenly droids.

So we have to listen to Him, and we have to choose to obey.

Because He is the destiny we want to get to, He is the finish line prize, the one and only that actually matters.

So no more worries over chocolate and vanilla and here's a secret to work that one out-just go for both.