Thursday, January 22, 2009


"Don't judge a book by it's cover."
We have all certainly heard this phrase, and have mostly likely admonished someone with it. But what exactly does it mean? "By it's cover," which in referring to a person would be the outward appearance, but does it go further? We can't judge by the cover, but as soon as we open it up, we are suddenly allowed to judge to our hearts desire? No. Do you give the book time, maybe get past the first pages and then make your judgement? When can you trust it? The first pages? First chapters? When will you know the full story? Well, perhaps once you've read till the end. For only then can you have it's full effect. Am I not right? And then if we are to apply this principle to people, how should we change in our judgement? Judgment is a hard word; to assess and make a lasting opinion of someone. Perhaps there is more than the cover, that than the first chapters, perhaps we will strive and wait, for the full story.

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thecladd said...

This is really awesome---great job!!!